The ratio of adults to children is 1:6 in the three and four year old classes. The ratio is 1:4 in the two year old classes. The State of California mandated ratio is 1:12. This ratio is made with a combination of teachers and ”Helping Parents.” “Helping Parents” are regularly scheduled volunteers who are in good health, have TB clearance within the past two years and have been vaccinated for measles and pertussis. “Helping Parents” receive a $20 tuition credit each time they help in the classroom.
Class size at CMNS varies by classroom according to demand and room capacity. Two’s classes are limited to 12, Three’s classes usually have 14 and Four’s classes can have up to 21.
No. We are happy to work with families to assist with potty training. Children do need to be able to use the toilet independently when using our “Extra Care” programs: Before School Care, Lunch Bunch, After School Care and Enrichment
No, we are a nondenominational school. We serve children from all faiths.
We are an outreach program of Central United Methodist Church and follow the “Golden Rule”. There is no religious teaching in our program. CUMC offers wonderfulplay-based Sunday school classes if you are interested in religious education for your children.
Yes, families are asked to work one Saturday Workday per year. During the morning we wipe down classrooms, power wash outside plastic toys, sweep, pull weeds and rake as necessary on the playgrounds.

We also ask families to help with one shift at one of three fund raisers during the year.

Families are also required to take turns bringing in snack.

Instead of working, families can take the option to pay a $100 fee for each requirement.
Play based programs benefit children by allowing them to learn naturally. Play based learning promotes language, supports pre-literacy, greatly develops social and emotional skills and fosters creativity and imagination.
Yes, Central Methodist Nursery School is licensed by the State of California Department of Social Service under the Child Care Programs. Our license number is: 300390118.
The “Helping Parent” program is a volunteer opportunity to work in the classroom and receive tuition credit. Any adult can work in the classroom to receive the credits with a current TB test, measles, pertussis and flu vaccinations. Currently, parents receive a $20 credit for each work day.
Parents are always welcome at school. CMNS thrives due to its involved parent community. Parents are essential to the CMNS culture whether they serve as room representatives, Advisory Board members, Helping Parents or other ways of volunteering.